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Automate your reference checks with VITAY

Get started with a reference checking tool that

  • frees up your time
  • validates top talents
  • detects fake references and,
  • helps you make hiring decisions faster. 


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See how Vitay will work for you!

Bring efficiency to the way you hire top talents.

  • Automate reference checks for every candidate with one click.
  • Request references in 60 seconds and receive feedback in under 24 hours.
  • Automate processes and use collective intelligence to gain candidate insights.
  • Integrate seamlessly with leading applicant tracking software.
  • Identify fraud in your hiring process.
  • Available on mobile and desktop.

What recruiters and HR leaders say about Vitay

We help Recruiters & HR leaders save time, find better candidates and increase employee retention rates. 

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 There is great competition between employers to hire qualified healthcare professionals...Using Vitay is efficient on our end as well as the potential employee, making this part of the process effectively magic.

Chris Browning
Advanced Care Group of Companies
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I like that Vitay will send automatic reminders to the person giving the reference if they don't complete the survey right away.

Kayla R
Small Business Owner
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I highly recommend this product for any recruiters who are looking to save administrative time and bill more.

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The platform streamlines the entire process, from sending requests to compiling responses, allowing us to focus on other essential tasks. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate, and the automated reminders ensure timely responses

Rebecca B.
Business Operation / Administrative Coordinator
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Vitay is very user friendly. From an employer perspective as well as a referee perspective!

Caleigh H.